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The Rage

Tribulation Sarahdaughter figured if it was a goddess issuing orders, and granting her the super-human strength to carry out those orders, then righteousness was on her side. She figured wrong.

Raised as a warrior in the all-female settlement of New Murias, 16-year-old “Trib” couldn’t wait to pass the test she trained for her whole life, and receive the gift of The Rage. With it, she would have the strength to punish the men who oppressed her people and murdered her family—the Puritanics.

Unfortunately, on her first mission, a deadly ambush strands her in a marsh with only one hope for survival, a young Native boy named Peyewik. Of course, Trib doesn't know that Peyewick's ability to speak with the spirits caused his own people to fear and isolate him. When Peyewik nurses Trib back to health and then asks for her help, she feels obliged to grant it. Inexperienced in these matters, Trib does not realize that allying herself with a Native puts her in conflict with both the Puritanics, and the warrior-women who raised her.

Alienated from both of their peoples and on the run from the vicious Puritanics, Trib and Peyewik uncover lies and abuses of power that threaten to destroy the New World. If they can survive the hunt for their lives, maybe they can set things anew.

Reviews for The Rage

The pacing is swift and strong, the characterizations memorable and world building is absolutely immersive. I was immediately drawn into Trib’s world and the New Murian settlement and was devasted when Cuss and the rest of Trib’s friends were slaughtered by the Puritanics. I love how every New Murian owes freedom to The Rage, and yet this very warrior energy is also so destructive. As a rallyiing cry, “Summon your Rage” was a powerful and harrowing.
— Hilary Howzie, author, Ellie May series and Apple Pie Promises
I was captivated by this story from the first page to the last. The Rage is fast-paced, gripping, and beautifully written, with a cast of appealing, unusual characters who struggle in a strange and threatening world. Good and evil, often cunningly disguised, clash many times before the tale is told, and the greatest battles take place within the characters themselves. Wisdom and humor accompany the reader all along the way. This book is very hard to put down!
— Reeve Lindbergh, author, Homer the Library Cat and Two Lives
In this compelling fantasy tale of clashing cultures, a female warrior begins to question who the enemy really is, while slowly learning to control the murderous power of the Rage.
— Ruth Sanderson, author/illustrator, author/illustrator, The Enchanted Wood, The Horse Diaries, and Papa Gatt
This book is a really great first novel. Obvious discussions would be generated about the use of such violence to meet ends- and the ability of different groups to co-exiist with different values. The writing was smooth (except for Trib’s use of “ain’t which jarred me), and the action kept me reading. The primary characters were believable, even though the change through the
book was significant for Trib and Kwineechka. The ending might be a surprise for some, but still believable.
— Margaret P. Dillner, Director of Educational Resource Center University of Delaware
A delightful mix of adventure, self-discovery, and blossoming romance await readers of The Rage. I appreciated the multiple perspectives from which the book was written. Due to this, I felt like I personally knew each of the main characters because of their backstories, thoughts, and feelings. Additionally, Trib, Peyewik, and Kwineechka were all written quite realistically. They each had distinct traits and personalities. They also had to overcome individual struggles. This made them very relatable.

Another thing I liked was the multitude of different cultural elements that were portrayed. Traditional clothing, lifestyles, family life, beliefs, food, religions, and customs differed between the Natives and Trib’s people. Their mystical abilities also varied. However, the story linked all of the groups together through spirituality. There was a wonderful harmony that brought all of the cultural elements together.
— Kristy Khem, Online Book Club

Cody Seltzer and the Creeping Shadows

All 12-year-old Cody Seltzer wants is to be normal. But his tattooed, skate-board riding parents have other ideas. In fact, his entire West Brotherly neighborhood likes to fly the freak flag extra high. Until one day Cody discovers something terrifying: creeping crawling shadows are making bad things happen all over the neighborhood—disrupted farmer’s markets, vandalized street art, chaotic block parties...To make matters worse, Cody is the only one who can see the shadows! Or is he? Is he going crazy or is there really something nefarious going on? To save his neighborhood, and his family, he must join forces with the weirdest of the weird and outsmart a charismatic mastermind with a nefarious game plan.

Available Spring 2020

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Fuzzball and the Quakers

A Short Story- A high school senior ponders differences in her once peaceful family life after being sexually assaulted.


Author: Lassiter Williams

Lassiter Williams has work published in Square Lake, Streetlight Magazine, Sculpture Magazine, Surface Design Journal, and Yoga Living. The Rage is her first Young Adult novel. Cody Seltzer and the Creeping Shadows will be her first Middle Grade book. She studied writing at Sarah Lawrence College and received a master’s degree in children’s literature from Hollins University. She lives quietly in Vermont between a mountain and a small lake.